The Company

Parallel Circles is a massively tiny studio based in the UK and Spain composed by ex-AAA developers. We craft minimal and super polished games with special focus on gameplay and interaction.

Iteration as our core

One of the main goals we had when we created Parallel Circles was to re-imagine game development as an iterative process without strict deadlines where we could focus on the final quality of our games. We iterate and polish all the elements of the game to make sure it evokes the experience we believe in.


Along with our personal projects, we also love collaborating with great people on interesting ventures. We do design and programming support focused on gameplay; porting and publishing.

Our games and collaborations


Our Team

Organic Coder

Roger Valldeperas

Programmer Artist

Lucas González

Publishing Judy

Josef Who?

Tech Hardcore

Daniel Otero

Stay tuned

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