Porting and Publishing

If you have a unique game you want to launch on consoles or other platforms we'd be happy to hear about it. We cover all aspects of the release: QA, porting, platform back-end and PR campaigns. We have ported more than 5 titles including AAA and smaller experiences.

Design Support

Designing videogames is our passion. We can help you iterate over the gameplay mechanics to give them more depth or feel, balance the current systems to make them more interesting or just provide detailed and thorough feedback that may help you design a great foundation.

Programming support

As programmers, we have worked on a few dozens of published projects and have had experience developing all the different parts of a game. Our main strength is gameplay and game-feel and we can work either from scratch or building over existing, legacy code. If you are working on a game that could use some help on specific parts of the code, or general support we can help.

Brand Experiences

Our workflow based on iteration allows us to develop unique and interesting interactive experiences in very short, tight schedules, which is great for small and quality brand experiences.

They managed to adjust to the planning , gave total transparency and have been always very open to being challenged. Also, and even more importantly , the quality of the product delivered has always been the key factor for them, which is not always the case with porting companies, and that makes them very reliable and the reason why I do not hesitate to highly recommend them.

Jose Raluy Development Director at Tequilla Works

Parallel Circles the kind of experience we want to deliver with a quality and details that we didn't expected

Jonas Bohatsch VinylOS

Parallel Circles worked with us on the design of our upcoming title "Fusion Wars", their design expertise helped us create a deep yet intuitive gameplay and balance the game systems to offer a more engaging experience.

Joaquín Ruiperez Estudio Future

Both their technical skills and the lovely people behind them are the main reasons we are delightful to work with Parallel Circles.

Ruben Calles Alpixel

We have collaboarated with Parallel Circles in serveral ocassions and they always provide quality results that keep happy even the most exigent customers

Pablo Álvarez Vitamin-Arte

Any cool projects?

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