Hallo, my name is Josef.  Experimental. Architech. Super nice Guy

Some of my skills:




Game design 

Craft nice and at point emails

Work experience:

Double 11 - Engine Programmer (2011-2012)

Mainly porting and performance stuff. Worked in Little Big Planet Vita, Limbo and Frozen Synapse Prime.

Travellers Tales - Tools Programmer (2012-2013)

Helping the team with the in house engine, adding features that the different artists needed and improving their workflows. Worked in LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes and LEGO Hobbit.

Travellers Tales - Graphics Programmer (2013-2016)

I worked on the graphical tech of the gamess, something that I love, implementing systems to create new and spaker effect and particles. I also did some engine/porting work here. These times I worked in a lot of Lego titles, but as a hilight I was the main programmer porting Lego: Star Wars to Android.

Parallel Circles (2016-present)

Along with Roger, we founded Parallel Circles a company that... well this its webpage!

Projects involved:

Keep in touch:

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